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A career in aluminium solutions

Sapa has around 22,800 employees in more than 40 countries, and is a world-leading company in its fields of operation. Entrepreneurial spirit is a strong characteristic of Sapa.

A career with SapaSapa has learned what it takes to create successful, close and  mutually profitable partnerships with customers. One requirement is that every employee must work professionally in his or her role.

Developing Sapa starts by developing people. Training and development is an important part of our culture.

We offer

- Courses and seminars
- Talent and trainee programs
- Work experience in different cultures

Sapa offers a compensation package with salaries and benefits in line with the practices in the countries and regions where we are based. Our compensation policies support the business by meeting their objectives to attract, motivate and retain people.

Available jobs

Click on the job title below for a description of the role and other information. Please send applications electronically to the person or persons listed in the job descriptions. You may send open applications by email to Human Resources, Sapa Thank you!

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