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  • Autorack Products credits Sapa Profiles UK with ‘exemplary’ support

    2016-08-16 | Sapa Profiles UK has helped the van racking system and van roof rack specialists, Autorack Products Ltd with the development and successful launch of their latest product, the Autorack Aluminium Van Pipe Carrier.

  • Sapa Profiles UK helps Star Events create Football Heaven

    2016-08-09 | Sapa Profiles UK, part of Sapa Group - the world’s leading producer of aluminium solutions, has collaborated with Star Events to create the structure for the one-of-a-kind Hyundai FanDome, home to the innovative Football Heaven screening event for Euro 20

  • With the help of Sapa Profiles, Kestrel adapts to a changing environment

    2016-05-27 | With a long-established reputation for excellent service and reliability, Kestrel Aluminium Systems is a well-regarded supplier to the fenestration industry.

  • Sapa supports Dawes Highway Safety Ltd with design and aluminium extrusion

    2016-05-18 | Dawes Highway Safety Ltd recently turned to Sapa Profiles UK for support with the design, extrusion and fabrication of profiles for their DawesGuard™ DropDown® Technology safety system. Providing initial design consultation, Sapa Profiles aided Dawes with

  • A Profile Academy for designers and engineers from various backgrounds

    2016-05-18 | Sapa UK held their 9th Profile Academy on May 10th and 11th. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a programme fresh and often we think maybe we should change a certain aspect.

  • Creating one of the most unusual science classrooms in the UK

    2016-03-02 | Solardome Industries, the pioneer and world leader in the design and development of aluminium geodesic domes has recently installed a PRO dome at Watford Grammar School for Girls, in Hertfordshire.

  • Sapa Profiles supports award-winning SBC Renewables in developing UK’s largest single-span PV roof

    2016-02-16 | Sapa Profiles UK has recently supported solar PV consultancy SBC Renewables in the development of what is thought to be the largest single-span roof site of photovoltaics in the UK.

  • Sapa Profiles publishes latest Standards Catalogue

    2016-02-01 | Sapa Profiles UK has produced and printed its latest standards catalogue. The catalogue contains the complete range of standard aluminium profiles from Sapa Profiles UK, part of the world’s largest producer of aluminium extrusion.

  • Sapa lends support to Stirling Aircraft Project

    2016-01-27 | Sapa’s aluminium extrusion company in the UK helped in the reconstruction of a Short Stirling Bomber aircraft used in World War II. The project is a tribute to the people who designed, maintained and flew the historic aircraft.

  • Spain edges toward recovery

    2016-04-18 |

    The numbers are looking better, but Spain is not yet ready to step forward and claim recovery from the economic crisis that damaged so much of its economy.

  • Quality matters

    2016-04-11 |

  • A sparkling optimist

    2016-04-11 |

    Meet Floor Verhorst-Willems, a sales-driven manager with a winner’s mentality and contagious energy and enthusiasm.

  • Pedal to the metal

    2016-04-11 |

    When cycling enthusiast Craig Gaulzetti found that no one was selling the exact bicycle he wanted to ride, he decided to build it himself.

  • Fun on three wheels

    2016-04-11 |

    Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a vehicle that shines like no other. It obviously has just three wheels. It is also made of aluminium and is hand-built by the Morgan Motor Company’s skilled craftsmen. At the start of the process, bare wood is trimmed, shaped and glued together in jigs. On top of a simple ladder frame, the wood is assembled into a body, and raw aluminium panels are hand-beaten over the frame. And when the aluminium is polished, the vehicle shines like the special star that it is.

  • Cycling for Scotland

    2016-04-11 |

    The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of the most versatile, flexible and innovative structures of its type in Europe.

  • Easing the pressure

    2016-04-11 |

    A new seat for people with complex postural and pressure management needs.

  • 5 trends: Sustainability

    2016-04-11 |

    While many might view aluminium as an extractive, energy-intensive and emissions-heavy industry, Secretary General Ron Knapp of the International Aluminium Institute explains how and why the light metal can be considered a sustainable product.

  • The cooler, the better

    2016-04-11 |

    The fundamentals of cooling an engine have not changed much in the past 50 years, but the technological advances have been stunning.

  • Top performance with new poles

    2016-04-11 |

    Traffic signal maintenance can be a perilous task for workers, but a new pole dramatically reduces the dangers and costs involved.

  • Small is beautiful

    2016-04-11 |

    The world’s smallest manifold wins a place in a hybrid electric vehicle program.

  • Healthy expertise

    2016-04-11 |

    The remarkable amount of construction that occurred in Spain before the economic crisis is now creating opportunities in other countries for its experienced professionals. A Spanish architectural firm that specializes in health care facilities is finding demand from all over the world.

  • Omega comes first for Granalu

    2016-04-11 |

    Omega is the name of the innovative aluminium solution that has brought the Spanish company Granalu back to life. “It saved us,” says Miguel Vidal.