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Hydroforming aluminium

Hydroforming aluminium

Hydroforming is available at some of our selected European plants.

The operation starts with an extruded aluminium tube. It is then given a three-dimensional shape, in a single operation. Using hydroforming, cross-sections can be modified on a section of the profile or on the entire profile. In a single step, complicated details can be created, with very high precision. The hydroforming operation also permits local changes such as domes or holes. This saves several processing steps, which can produce shorter lead times.

Principle: The profile is placed in a die whose inner geometry is the same as the finished component. The die is locked under intense pressure, after which hydrostatic pressure is created inside the tube (the profile). When the profile is pressed onto the die, it takes on the shape of the die.

In autumn 2001, Sapa commenced series deliveries to Volvo. Today, Sapa has knowledge and experience that is internationally unique in hydroforming long aluminium beams.