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Innovative steam shower 

The sauna manufacturer Tylö has launched another hot product. The Felicity steam shower combines modern design and innovative functions. The development of this exclusive multishower is a result of a close co-operation between Tylö and Sapa.  

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Hästens - a dream solution with aluminium 

Hästens’ most exclusive bed, Citation, is really something to dream of. The frame of the bed used to consist of welded steel. Today it is made of aluminium profiles from Sapa. A comprehensive solution which has been developed through a close co-operation between Sapa and Hästens.  

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Floating hotels of aluminium

The norwegian company Leirvik MT manufactures living modules with bedrooms, canteens, gyms, TV rooms, etc. for oil rigs.

Traditionally, the modules have been built of steel, but Leirvik chooses aluminium profiles from Sapa. Jarle Myklebust of Leirvik MT tells us about the advantages of reduced weight, increased strength, and not least easier assembly.

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Aluminium profiles - a solution clear as daylight

The town of Glava in the region of Värmland, Sweden is the seat of a company whose driving force is renewable energy- REC Scanmodule. The company provides an incredible 25 year warranty for its solar cell modules. Aluminium is an obvious material, considering the challenging influence of wind and weather on the products. Sapa has the honour to deliver complete frames for the modules.   

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Aluminium can contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect

A new study published by the IAI shows that an increased use of aluminium can lead to a reduction of the greenhouse effect. The study concentrates on the transport sector, where a weight reduction of vehicles results in lower transport costs, which in turn reduces the greenhouse effect. 

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Noise reducing aprons for trains

A few years ago, an environmental court ruled a decision against SL, stating that the trains on the Roslagsbanan railway were too noisy. A new interesting solution is now being tested, using sound absorbing sheet metal and taped up aluminium profiles that are fastened on the sides of the trains.




Eve – an aluminium bracelet

Gallery Pascale is currently presenting the Eve bracelet made of extruded and anodised aluminium. This piece of jewellery is cut at different angles which results in a varying character of the bracelets.