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Here you can order our printed matter and publications, including our Design Manual. Select your choices and fill in your name and address details below so that we can send your selected brochures to you. *=Required information

Available brochures:

A comprehensive brochure on Sapa Profiler showing our collected knowledge and strength. You will find many product examples and smart solutions.
Read about how Sapa Profiler AB constantly improves its position. New technology combined with our ambition to understand our customers’ business make that we can offer profitable business opportunities.
A brochure showing the possibilities offered by the surface treatment of aluminium profiles.
Our brochure on Friction Stir Welding explains the advantages of this unique joining method.
Our product leaflet on FSW presents the strength of FSW joints. You will find here, among other thins, a comparison between MIG, TIG and FSW.
Our complete range of stocked profiles and available extrusion dies can be found in this list. (The printed version is only available in swedish- for english download the pdf or visit our digital version of the list)
Our Design Manual is intended for those wanting to learn more about the possibilities of aluminium profiles. The Manual presents, among other things, profile tolerances, machining and processing methods, design tips and surface treatment methods.
A brochure containing comprehensive information on the most common packing methods used by Sapa – everything from standard to the most common special packing methods.
The brochure shows what Sapa can achieve in the field of cooling. We also present the centre’s resources and how we can help you with product development and research.
The latest issue of the Sapa Group’s customer magazine Shape

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