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Storage and handling of aluminium profiles


To preserve the surface quality that the profiles have upon delivery, you should think of the following:

Keep dry: Store the profiles indoors in a dry and clean place.

Keep covered: Store the profiles covered as long as possible. This prevents dirt from coming in contact with the profiles. The profiles should also be protected from splashes occurring during welding and grinding which can produce small spots that are difficult to take away.

Ventilation: The place of storage shall be ventilated. Ventilation helps to keep the profiles dry. If the profiles are stored in packages, you should open the packaging on both ends in order to avoid condensation on the profiles. You should also check whether the package is not wet or damaged otherwise.

Please contact your sales representative, if you have suggestions on how to improve the packaging method.

Special considerations for untreated profiles

Corrosion never occurs without water. Crevice corrosion can occur on the surface of untreated profiles if rain water or condensation water collects on adjoining aluminium surfaces, for example during storage or transport. This gives rise to spots, so called white rust, with different surface structure. The spots are very difficult to take away, but they do not affect the strength of the profiles.

It is not recommended to store untreated profiles outdoors. The profiles can become discoloured if subjected to the influence of oxygen or moisture. Untreated profiles that have been affected by moisture should be immediately unpacked and wiped off.

Store untreated profiles indoors in a dry place at constant temperature to avoid condensation.

If you handle untreated aluminium profiles without gloves, they can corrode in those places where you leave your fingerprints. Therefore, always wear gloves when handling the goods.

Maintenance/cleaning of surface treated profiles

Surface treated profiles should be cleaned regularly to keep their original appearance. The profiles should be cleaned with neutral cleaning agents. Use solvent on heavily soiled profiles.

Never use alkaline agents because surface treated profiles are sensitive to such substances. Do not use detergents with polishing additives and avoid scrubbing with Scotch-Brite, for example, as this increases the risk of mechanical damage.

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