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Individual Profiles


 The group functions as an access gate to Sapa’s accumulated knowledge and experience. Here the customers get help with everything from design solutions to prices and notices of delivery.

To realise that everything we do is based on customer orientation. Meeting customer and market demands is the only way to demonstrate the true commercial value of our operations.

Customer`s profiles made in accordance with specific customer drawings and documentation. They are destined for further processing almost for every possible industrial branches.

Customize your own profile

Working hand in hand with Sapa you can have a profile design that will fully meet your needs. The procedure is extremely simple:

1. With the help of Sapa Maintenance your sketch or idea is converted into a working drawing. Sapa Maintenance can also advise on the shape of a profile, choice of alloy and other issues.

2. The working drawing is used to make a matrix for the production of aluminium profiles.  

3. Red-hot aluminium preform is then squeezed through the matrix and the profile of a desired shape is ready.

Adding the top competence

In the case of more complex profile solutions, we expand your Sapa team by adding the top competence from different specialised areas – materials technology, design, technical physics, chemistry, engineering, extrusion die manufacturing, surface treatment, production technology, etc. In this way, the group becomes a guarantor of continuous development and exchange of ideas. After all, a close co-operation between us as the profile manufacturer and the customer is the prerequisite of a successful profile solution.

Source of ideas for smarter profiles

Our experience is here to be used. When a company has more specific needs, it gets access to a Sapa team with an own contact person.

For more information contact to our team