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40 years of entrepreneurial spirit

40 years of entrepreneurial spirit

Sapa celebrated its 40th anniversary during 2003. Not a particularly remarkable age for an industrial company. Sapa is rather the exception from the Swedish industrial tradition. We are one of only a few companies established in Sweden after World War II with the inherent strength to develop into a global company.

Today, Sapa is the world’s third largest manufacturer of aluminium profiles, with special focus on the development of creative aluminium solutions that offer customers an added value. How has Sapa advanced from nothing to its present position of global leadership in 40 years?

It started in Vetlanda, Sweden in 1963. A few years earlier in the US, Sapa’s two founders had recognised the business potential of aluminium profiles and conducted on-site studies of cost-effective and competitive production methods. They brought their insights home to Sweden, where they knew that customers had started placing entirely new demands on their suppliers of aluminium profiles. Speed and flexibility were the catchwords.

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