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Decoral - with a pattern

Decoral is a developed version of powder coating which gives patterned surfaces. A specially composed powder paint is first applied. After that, the pattern is transferred onto the profile. The original, usually a photographic image of, for example, wood or stone, is copied to a film which carries the pigments that form the image.


Decoral provides a UV light and corrosion resistant surface with a good gloss durability and resistance to chemicals. The surface layer is hard, resistant to pressure and abrasion, and dirt-repellent. The adhesion of the coating is so good that the finished product can undergo further processing.

The greatest advantage with Decoral is that a photographic image of a pattern is obtained. In this way, the aluminium profiles are provided with a decorative surface. A wide range of different patterns is available – oak, beech, pinewood, teak, granite and marble are some of the patterns that we offer. It is also possible to create custom patterns that fulfil the customer’s needs and requirements.


We are the only company in Sweden to offer our customers Decoral-based production. The Decoral method can be compared to the traditional powder coating technique which has been used by Sapa Profiler since 1979. The ageing resistance and other properties of powder paints are well documented by us. The Decoral system has been in use in serial production since 1996. This means that also here we have a wide experience of how the surface performs in practice. In addition, an extensive documentation from a number of laboratory tests is available.