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Products & Markets

Within Sapa, world leader of aluminium, you will find an unequalled experience in realizing aluminium extruded products. We offer our customers the technology to develop togethernew solutions and applications. The range of our products includes standard profile like Flutzi, tubes, bars, sideboards, drawing profiles for body pumps, special realizations for the automotive market, complete projects for the building & construction market and much more. Our products are used all over the world in the most diverse applications.

Sapa is a subcontractor to a large number of customer groups whose operations follow different business cycles. Customers are also dispersed over a large number of geographical markets, which contributes to a favourable spread of risk.

Soft- or hard-alloy aluminium extrusions, standard rod & bar, seamless tube (round or shaped), drawing profiles, profiles for heat exchangers with high fin ratio, tight tolerances with superior surface finish quality, or other demanding high-tech applications - within a size range from 5 to 450 mm circumscribing circle (30g/m to 210 kg/m), we will have the best aluminium extrusion solution for you.

Aluminium extrusions for automotive or aerospace applications, commercial transportation profiles, building & construction systems, heat sinks for electronic components, micro extrusions, industrial products or other - Sapa is a one-stop-shop for any of your aluminium extrusion requirements.

A professional sales force at your service, we deliver product as per your requirements and specifications - from any of our 40 production plants - assuring that we will persistently meet your precise needs.

We can provide you with in-house coating, anodising or added fabrication (CNC milling & drilling, etc.).

Applying up-to-date ISO and QS quality system standards across our organization, we are also well on track to have all our fabrication locations ISO 14001 certified.