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Industrial Products

Based on Sapa's dedication to industrial markets and our technical and market-based experience, we deliver a variety of products, services and solutions that can enhance your products, improve your manufacturing processes and help you grow your business.
Whether in soft, medium or hard alloy, we supply extruded drawing profiles, or standard shapes for various industrial applications in the general engineering, machine building, industrial heat exchanger, major appliance, lighting equipment, power distribution, fluid power, fluid distribution, connector and general electronic equipment markets.
We work closely with selected aluminum distributors to enable reliable, effective and efficient market access for our products and services.
In addition we offer a wide range of added fabrication capabilities such as CNC milling, drilling, punching, sawing, etc., that are subject to ISO certification - as with all of our general production and processes.
Your product can be surface treated (powder coated, anodized or chromat treated) to EURAS EWAA Qualanod and Qualicoat standards.
For drawings in Dwg and/or dxf format please contact our technical department