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Commercial Transportation

Large side boards and bent curtain sider profiles for trailers, cabin doors, structural frame rails or bumper profiles - we have many ways to help you in your business.
We help you use technology to deliver more customer options and functionality and to make more unit profit through innovative material and process development.
By integrating extrusions or extrusion components - we can create individual or total product solutions that work harder for you.
When you support your product, service and technology with Sapa's advanced materials and applications know-how, you can leverage these combined strengths in ways that turn long-lasting products into long-lasting customer relationships.
To help you do business with us more profitably and economically, our Commercial Transportation Market Sector Lead Team is structured to give you full and immediate access to all of Sapa's capabilities in commercial transportation.

Download our transportation catalogue here.
For drawings in Dwg and/or dxf format please contact our technical department: