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Creating and analyzing designs

Analyzing the projects and drawings came from sapa customers

As world leader in aluminium profiles manufacturing, Sapa Profiles has an unparalleled experience related to aluminium profiles applications. 

In order to share this knowledge with our customers and to provide the best support, each year Sapa organizes theSapa Profile Academy.
This two-day event brings together designers, constructors, product developers, and offers opportunities to learn more about the intelligent design using aluminium. Over the years, Sapa Profiles gained an unparalleled experience in the use of aluminium profiles. 
The objective of the Sapa Profile Academy event is to share our experience and obtain high quality finished products.

Sapa Profiles Romania has qualified engineers who can provide support in aluminium profile design, so as to meet customer’s needs and the requirements of the field they would be used in. If the customer already has a project (drawing) on a certain profile, then it shall be internally analyzed by Sapa Profiles and there shall be a strong collaboration with the customer so that the final product is an exceptional one.

Sapa Profiles uses a CAD program by which drawings can be done based on customer-provided drawings; the program also offers assembly simulations, if the customer has more profiles which must be mounted together. By this method, our company can avoid any errors.