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Extrusion Technique

The extrusion process

During the extrusion process, the preheated aluminum hubs are pushed through the die, resulting in a standard profile or a custom profile.

The extrusion process is carried out in the following basic stages:

• Heating the aluminum hub to a temperature that makes it malleable (at approximately 450° C)

• Pushing it through the pressure die

• Cooling, when the profiles harden

• Stretching of the profiles

• Cutting to size

• "Aging'' in ovens at approximately 170° C, depending on the mechanical properties required


The advantages of aluminum extrusion

• An almost unlimited range of shapes

• Fewer components are used, thus reducing costs and speeding the assembly process

• A close cooperation with the customer during the development of the product

• Multiple profiles can be extruded at the same time

• The possibility of extruding thin-walled profiles

• Aluminum has a good weight/durability ratio. By extrusion, more metal can be placed in the exact desired point, where higher resistance is required.