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Logistics & Packing

How to manage special requests and delivery to customer

Sapa Profiles Romania works with many transport companies in order to better satisfy customers needs. The said transport companies have lorry tracking systems so that Sapa's customers may always know the exact situation of the products which are being delivered. 


Together with these transport companies, Sapa Profiles make everything in their power for the merchandise to reach the customers as soon as possible

Before transport, profiles are packed and secured by certain criteria, but at the same time Sapacan meet the need of customers who have unique packing requirements for the extruded profiles. 

If necessary, Sapa Profiles can pack your profiles into kits.
This means grouping more profiles in a package corresponding to the assembly configuration provided by the customer. 
There is also possibility of packing different types of profiles in the same package. We can also include in the kit elements which are not from aluminium. 
The main benefit of this service is the time savings for the customer, as the profiles are arranged in the kit in the desired position and order, so preparations before installation are not needed. 

Your profiles can be labeled. This can save time and improve the storage and handling efficiency for customers.