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Mechanical Operations

Our manufacturing capabilities

SC Sapa Profiles SRL offers finished products according to the customer’s requirements, so that the customer can focus on its priorities. 

Our factory provides extended services to transform aluminium profiles in processed and finished parts. 
These operations are executed in our factory or by sub-contractors. 
The most used manufacturing types are:
• dimension and angle cutting, saw cutting at precise lengths

• perforation
• punching
• thermal barrier
• assembly of various components

Thermal barrier

 Insulation is very important for door and window profiles, to block the condensate and the heat loss. 

A band (which is almost as resistant as aluminium) is inserted between the two profiles so as to create a thermal barrier, maintaining at the same time a powerful mechanical bond. 
The thermal barriers are available in a wide range of widths and shapes.


SC Sapa Profiles SRL is able to provide profiles which join together, thus making aggregates with very large widths.