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Quality Arguments

Shape Magazine

Each day thousands of kilograms of Sapa aluminium profiles are turned into finished products. Aluminium is popular amongst designers and product developers: it is recyclable, has a high residual value, is by almost 33% lighter than steel, is strong, durable, aesthetic and non-toxic, and there is almost no limit to the capacity of its processing (casting, extrusion, bending, etc.). 
Sapa profiles offers designers almost unlimited opportunities for applications, and one of the most important aspects of this process is the continuous assurance of quality. 'Shape Magazine' contains examples of applications in many fields for Sapa products.


Sapa Profiles Academy


In order to deliver the best available support to our customers, each year Sapa organizes a seminar in this field. This two-day seminar gathers designers, constructors, and product developers in order to find out more about the intelligence of aluminium products. 
In time, Sapa gained considerable experience in the usage of aluminium profiles. 
Can there be combined functions in one profile?
Can weight be reduced by placing the material only in areas where it has utility?
Can little changes reduce extrusion costs?
These are only a few questions to which only Sapa can answer. 
If you wish to participate to this seminar or if you need more information, please contact us.