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Only sustainable business can be long-term business

Sapa believes in achieving profitability in a way that is consistent with fundamental ethical values, with respect for individuals, the environment and society.

Sapa is both influenced by and influences the rest of the world – environmentally, socially and financially. This presents risks and challenges, and opportunities. We are committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance, health and safety, and in conducting our business ethically.

The interaction between values and strategy enables us to meet our overall objectives. One of our three strategic pillars is Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). To support the organization on a daily basis, we have an EHS Steering Document, a Code of Conduct, a Supplier Declaration and guidelines for issues where further guidance is required. The management systems and action plans ensure that the group works systematically with critical sustainability issues.

Sapa Sustainability Report

Our annual sustainability report presents an overview of Sapa's sustainability initiatives.

Sapa's Sustainability Report for 2015

The content of the report is based on what we have assessed to be the most material issues, given Sapa’s business operations and its impact on the environment and society. The interests and concerns of Sapa’s stakeholders have also been taken into consideration. Data has been consolidated to cover all operations within the new Sapa, before and after the joint venture.

The Sapa Sustainability Report is an interactive PDF, adapted for reading on computer screens or tablets.


Sapa Sustainability Report 2015 (PDF, 3.9 MB)

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