Lap butt hinges are used for the 2074 external gallery doors due to the narrow frame profile. Back edge safety bolts are installed together with the hinges in accordance with the selected anti-burglar protection class.

One approved lock is used in anti-burglar protection class 2 and two approved locks in anti-burglar protection class 3. The locks should be approved according to EN 12209, Grade 5 or SS 3522 class 3.

The maximum allowable dimensions of the letter slot in the infill panel are 340 x 80 mm

Aluminium handle
Uniform material appearance is obtained by using the same surface treatment as on the door leaf.
Barrel lock
Facilitates service when the tenants are away.

Keeps unwanted guests outside.
Lap butt hinge
Provided with the same surface treatment as the door leaf for a more uniform appearance.