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Speedway motorcycle

  • Speedway motorcycles are tanked with pure methanol, which is an environment friendly fuel.

  • No brakes are allowed on the motorcycle.

  • The cubic capacity of the engine is 500 cc.

  • The overall width of the tyres must not exceed 100 mm.

  • The minimum weight of the motorcycle is 80 kg.

  • The motorcycle must be equipped with a factory-made cut-out switch which automatically interrupts the primary ignition circuit as soon as the rider dismounts the motorcycle in the case of a rollover.

  • The maximum allowed noise level is 98 dB(A).

  •  All participating motorcycles must be examined before the first heat of their respective drivers. The examiner’s role is to check whether all the motorcycles comply to the regulations. If a motorcycle is not approved at the time of the examination, it may not be used in the competition.

Source: www.swemo.se