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What is speedway

Speedway is not only the sprinter run of the motor sports – it is also the dense, tough and explosive sports arena. A tough sport with quite a lot of the idol atmosphere. But it is also the sport where the established and experienced rider can compete with the young on equal terms until his late career years. There are about 300 riders in Sweden today and about 28 clubs which together organise 320 competitions every year.

Speedway races are run on 300-400 metres long circular tracks. Usually, there are four riders starting simultaneously, but in special competitions there may be up to six riders starting at the same time. In individual competitions there are sixteen riders each of which meets every other rider in a race. In team meetings there are up to 8 riders in each team. In both individual and team competitions the heats are dense with a close contact between the riders during the race – hard but fair fight. A sport for tough guys.

The scoring scale is 3-2-1-0.

In order to be allowed to participate in the races, the riders, apart having a speedway motorcycle, must wear a padded leather suit, leather boots (with a steel shoe on the left foot) gloves and an approved helmet.

The motorcycles used by seniors have engines with a cubic capacity of 500 cc and a power of at least 60 hp, and they have no gearbox and brakes. Juniors from 12 to 17 years of age use similar machines, but with a cubic capacity of 80 cc and equipped with a gearbox. The power of the engine is about 20 hp, which is more than enough for the approximately 160 metres long tracks that the young riders compete on.

Source: www.swemo.se