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Extruded tubes

Extruded round aluminium tubes provide our customers with excellent processing capabilities for operations like bending, end forming and expanding. The calibration process ensures a high quality on the outside surface as well as narrow tolerances.

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Porthole-extruded aluminium tubes, with or without interior enhancements, are produced on coil to high quality standards.

Although the extruded aluminium tube products do not have the same performance characteristics as our precision drawn tube (PDT), this range could be an alternative in some instances. These tubes can be manufactured with straight enhancements on the inner wall and can be calibrated to a specific OD. Produced on coils, further processing such as cutting and deburring are available on request.

Extruded aluminium tubes have the following properties:
- Excellent conductor of heat and electricity
- Easy to form and bend
- High corrosion resistance
- High recycling value
- Excellent surface quality                     


Extruded tubes are available in various sizes and alloys.

    in mm in inches
Extruded tubes OD 8 - 40 1.5 - 8
WT min. 1 0.075 - 0.59
Calibrated tubes OD 7 - 25  
WT 0.7 - 2