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HYCOT® PA/PE coated tubes

Sapa's HYCOT® product is an aluminium precision drawn tube or solid shape coated with either PA12 (Polyamid) or PE (Polyethylene) giving exceptional corrosion and stone impact resistance properties.

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The porthole extruded and precision drawn aluminium tube with PA 12 coating is a highly refined quality product characterized by the following properties:

• Low weight
• Easily bent and formed
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• High strength welding of plastic parts to coating
• Narrow tolerances
• High surface quality
• Stone impact resistance
• Internal cleanliness
• Full traceability


Flexible HYCOT aluminium tube for diesel fuel return line with quick connector
Flexible HYCOT aluminium tube for diesel fuel return line with quick connector

The mentioned properties combined with the PA/PE coating result in a product with exceptional corrosion and stone impact resistance properties.

The HYCOT® tube will not chip, peel or flake under the wide range of exposures and service conditions found in the modern automotive industry.

The inner side of the HYCOT® tube is unique as well, exeptional clean from particles. 


All HYCOT® tubes are traceable can be script identified with dimension and Lot no. The HYCOT® tube is available in multiple colours.

An unique feature of the coating is the easy welding to plastic parts, e.g.brackets, connectors, protection hoses. It enables design of very cost effective systems based on simple and clean processes, without any need for further corrosion protection. Typical welding methods are ultrasonic, spin friction and induction welding.

The HYCOT® products are primarily used for the following applications:

• Fuel lines
• Air condition lines
• Power steering lines
• Power steering coolers
• Hydraulic lines
• Oil cooling systems
• Water coolant tubes
• Clutch tubes                                         


HYCOT® tubes are available in various sizes and alloys, ensuring the best properties for the end application:

    in mm in inches
Round tube OD 5 - 22 0.2 - 0.9
WT 0.85 - 1.6 0.035 - 0.065


Within this range there are certain limits depending on the alloy and the ratio between OD and WT. Our size and alloy product offer is customized to regional market requirements.