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Multi-Port Extrusion - MPE

Multi-Port Extrusions, with their large internal surface area, yield more efficient heat transfer and are therefore ideal for use in highly effective heat exchangers.

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The Multi-Port Extrusion (MPE) – also called micro-channel tube - is a highly refined quality product characterized by the following properties:

• Low energy costs
• High performance
• Low space and weight
• High corrosion and pressure resistance
• High recycling value
• Pressure drop and silent solution
• Low refrigerant fill

Beside increased global performances, an all-aluminium brazed heat exchanger using MPE will also present better corrosion resistance. MPEs are primarily used for the following applications:

• Condensers
• Evaporators
• Heater cores
• Battery Coolers
• Solar Absorbers (SavoSolar concept)

For optimized CAB brazing - we deliver HYBRAZ® coated MPEs

Based on many years of experience in aluminium, Sapa has developed specific knowledge and expertise to be your partner of choice.


MPEs are available in various sizes and alloys, ensuring the best properties for the purpose required. 

MPE Width 7 - 120mm
Height 1 - 10mm
Wall thickness 0.1-0.6mm
Other non-standard dimensions are available upon request