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Why aluminium in HVACR?

Aluminium as a material has major benefits that we can’t keep secret any longer.

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  • Price
    Aluminium remains one of the most cost-effective materials you can use, with outstanding properties which enable considerable savings – it is two-to-three times cheaper than copper - and significant technological improvements.

  • Performance
    Using aluminium in HVACR applications improves system weight significantly. You save space and, also, in the case of a brazed heat exchanger, refrigerants. Further, you will gain a highly corrosion-resistant material when selecting suitable alloys.

  • Sustainability
    Due to its material properties, aluminium lasts longer than other materials when used in an appropriate way. More than that, we view the increased recycling of aluminium as important for resource preservation.

  • Manufacturing
    Above it all, aluminium keeps adding benefits at the manufacturing stage by presenting easy forming abilities and, therefore, saving money during fabrication.

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