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Sapa Pole Products Drunen

Sapa Pole Products uses extruded profiles to manufacture aluminium light poles, flagpoles, traffic regulation installations and other structures in the area of infrastructure. We deliver our products worldwide from Drunen. Experience what technical know-how, expertise in design, attention to the environment and safety, and over 50 years of experience can do for you.

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Our partners and distributors

We work with partners and distributors worldwide for global reach. Look for an agency in your neighborhood.

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Act sustainable

Sapa Pole Products was featured on Dutch national television last year for its groundbreaking commitment to the concept of Cradle to Cradle and the related certification system that practically applies key circular-economic principles to the manufacturing process.

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Case studies

Sustainable lighting with aluminium solutions

In areas where there is no grid or other lighting infrastructure available, you might be having a real lighting challenge. Soluxio is the solution.

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See this project

Return your aluminium poles for eternal life

Sapa is supporting the municipal sustainability goals in Dutch cities by taking their old aluminium light poles and turning them into new ones.