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Where we want to be

We are aluminium. Excelling in technology and innovation. Today and tomorrow. Sapa – innovative aluminium solutions.

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We want to be the best in technology and innovation among material solution providers. 

"Our purpose is to shape a sustainable future through innovative aluminium solutions. There are two parts to this.

"With aluminium, we help reduce emissions from transportation, be it cars, trucks, vessels and other modes of transportation. We also help reduce the energy consumption of buildings. And more than half of all our products are made from recycled material.

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly

Aluminium is like an energy bank. Only 5 percent of the energy required to produce primary aluminium is needed to remelt aluminium for new uses, with no loss in the quality of the metal. This makes sense environmentally and financially.

Sustainability and innovation

"Sapa’s future is a future we create ourselves. We have a strong R&D network and many application engineers working with customers to find better solutions for their needs. We focus on innovation, creating new solutions, and that means that we put value before volume." 

- Egil Hogna, Sapa's President & CEO

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About Sapa

Sustainability Report

Our mission is clear. We want to shape a sustainable future.

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