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Sapa has aluminum manufacturing plants in Ontario and Quebec, and an aluminum casthouse near Toronto. We deliver aluminum solutions to customers in many industries, including construction and transportation. We employ around 550 people in Canada.

Sapa Pointe-Claire, QC

Sapa Canada Inc. 325 Avro, Pointe-Claire H9R5W3 QC Pointe Claire, Quebec
+1 514-697-5120 +1 514-694-8310 Contact location

Sapa North York, ON

Sapa Canada Inc. 7 Alloy Court M9M3A2 ON North York
+1 416-743-1080 +1 416-743-1057 Contact location

Sapa Mississauga, ON

Sapa Mississauga 5675 Kennedy Road L4Z2H9 ON Mississauga
+1 905-890-8821 +1 905-890-8385 Contact location

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Aluminum Rod and Bar

Sapa's ACC-U-LINE® represents the best and most complete line of aluminum extruded rod, bar and hex products on the market. Our products assure next-level quality in dimensional tolerances, mechanical properties, machinability and surface finish... all backed by independent laboratory testing. ACC-U-LINE® offers extraordinarily uniform grain structure in 6061 rod and bar for outstanding precision machining. Tolerances for size, flatness, straightness and twist are 1/2 or closer than standard extruded tolerances with improved surface appearance and enhanced results from anodizing. ACC-U-LINE® is also available in 6082, 6042 and 6262 free machining alloys.