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Integrity is serious business

Integrity and ethical behavior concern everyone in Sapa. Our steering documents and our Code of Conduct represent our framework for leadership, organization, and culture.

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Sapa is a limited company organized under Norwegian law with a governance structure based on Norwegian corporate law. We have developed our governance structure through cooperation between our corporate management team and our superior governance bodies to secure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and reflect business needs. Further development is a continuous process. Even though Sapa is not listed on any Norwegian regulated marketplace, Sapa follows the main principles of the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (NUES) relevant to a non-listed company, which will be described in the following.

Sapa’s steering documents and our Code of Conduct represent our framework for leadership, organization and culture and are the foundation of our governance system.

Sapa’s governance system is based on delegation of responsibility from the board of directors to the President and CEO, business areas and corporate functions. In order to maintain uniformly high standards, we set common requirements in the form of global steering documents, including constituting documents, global directives and global procedures.

Sapa’s Code of Conduct reflects our values and guides our behavior. It forms the basis for how we interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities where we operate.

The code also mandates strict compliance with world-wide anti-corruption laws.

Sapa's Code of Conduct

Ethical material sourcing

We are committed to the ethical sourcing of any minerals used in our products. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act does not apply directly to Sapa, but customers who need to document how their suppliers handle conflict minerals may refer to the following statement:

We are committed to ethical sourcing of any minerals used in our products and we take concerns that profits from conflict minerals may be fueling human rights violations, labor abuses and environmental degradation very seriously. Following a good faith diligent inquiry, we do not have any reason to believe that our manufacturing facilities use any "conflict minerals."

Reporting a concern

Sapa employees concerned about misconduct or breaches of laws and the Code of Conduct, should report these through the line organization. However, employees can also use the corporate whistle-blower channel, AlertLine.

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