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From small to BIG, profiles that suit your needs

Small - Medium - Big - Long - Wide - Thin - Strong - Lightweight 

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We can help optimize your processes and boost your end products and solutions to a higher level. We do this by:

  • Providing freedom to create the exact shape that resolves your design problem
  • Reducing tooling costs
  • Avoiding additional machining
  • Combining aluminium's light weight and high strength
  • Providing an aesthetically pleasing high-end finish
  • Providing long-life products with minimal maintenance
  • Providing products with high recycling value

Small and medium profiles for any application

With the smallest press in Benelux, we make profiles with a diameter of 5 mm and a weight of up to 30 grams per meter.

Big aluminium profiles: Thin, wide and lightweight

Our biggest extrusion press in Lichtervelde offers press force of 8200 tonnes.

This means we can increase the width of the profiles to a full 620 mm wide, a weight of 65kg per meter and up to 26 meters long. Because of the specific high pressure, we can still make the profiles thin-walled. This helps create lightweight components and material savings.

Superior tolerances, simplified design

High pressure gives you thighter tolerances wich simplifies your design work, production process and assembly time. You can achieve a high level of surface quality and improve your end product.

See how far we can take your product

This drawing shows the maximum circumscribed circle of a profile. 

Big Profiles made in Benelux

By teaming up with Sapa, we can help you to design a customized profile and build in all the intelligent functions which optimize cost and performance. Contact us today!